PEACE DOVE - A sculpture for Wanstead 2014

Alongside the “Remembrance” project, Anna has also managed a public art commission for Art Group Wanstead, part of Art Trail Wanstead, which took place during the early part of September 2014. 

”Peace Dove”, a large-scale willow structure in the shape of a dove in flight, was commissioned by Vision Redbridge to echo the theme of Art Trail Wanstead, “Make Art, not War”. It was conceived as a work which, as well as symbolising hope and peace, would allow children and adults to contribute to the making process, adding their own elements such as feathers and poppies. As such, the sculpture became a tool for drawing out thoughts and experiences around the subject and diverting them, through the making process, into something fresh and new.

The completed work had a full calendar of visits, starting with the Open Day at Wanstead House and Wanstead Festival and finishing with St Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook and Nelson Primary School in Newham. The Dove is still available for future dates and a permanent resting-place is sought for it. Made of willow, it is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to transport on any car roof-rack.