Corsham Studio

In July this year, Anna Bisset showed her work with Photographer Paul Tucker and Corsham Studio Artists in their garden studio in Walthamstow, East London.

At this year’s E17 Art Trail, in July 2021, their work, an exciting selection of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, stone-carving, ceramics and glass painting, was shown. Over three weekends, visitors to the trail could come in and view the work in the studio and garden, relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere. All work was for sale, including Guy Thomas’s steel sculptures which were installed amongst the garden plants. You can take a walk around the panoramic photo by clicking on the buttons in the top left of the image. This shows the interior of the studio with works in place. Some of these works can be seen in more detail in the Instagram feed, Corsham Studio Artists, and in the animated sequence of work below it.


All of the artists in this show met at Bath Academy of Art, when it was situated in Corsham, Wiltshire and before the college merged with Bath College of Higher Education, which later became Bath Spa University. Since college, we have all continued to work in the arts or continued to produce work regularly and we have kept in touch as friends. In 2012, we got together to have a show of work at the Tokarska Gallery in Walthamstow, E17. Stephen Clarke wrote an essay about the work and in it he explained how significant it was for us as a group to remain in touch – he talked about how, at art college, artists are taught by artists and how this lineage links us to the history of art. “It is a vertical chronology stretching back in time”.

Alongside our tutors at art college, we also have our fellow students. Clarke explains how we learn from them, from their work and their example too: “It is easy to label this as mere influence but in both cases, tutor to student and student to student, it is more a matter of dialogue. This dialogue does not end with college, it can last many years as can be seen with this group…”

He goes on to note that although the work is diverse, all the work is developed in the studio from practical making, rather than from intellectual endeavour, although there is some of this too. We continue to work and exhibit in London and elsewhere, pursuing our ideas individually and together. We hope you enjoy the show.

Stephen Clarke is a lecturer in Art and Design: Critical and Contextual Studies at the University of Chester. His essay “Corsham Reformed” can be read in the link below: