“Corsham Re-formed”

An exhibition by former students of Bath Academy Art: Anna Bisset, Iain Cotton, Richard Crooks,Tim Daly, Frank Gambino, Paul Lindt, Mark Mainwood, Guy Thomas, Paul Tucker, Simon Ward, Jon Woolfenden.

This show in October 2012 at Tokarska Gallery, Walthamstow, explored the continuing influence of a uniquely British institution, Bath academy of Art. The artists were drawn from the final years of the college’s independence in Corsham, near Bath in Wiltshire, over 20 years ago. A small number of the group moved to East London in 1987 and have been pursuing their creative work ever since.
Inspired by the exciting developments in the arts in Waltham Forest over recent years, the artists decided to bring this larger group together for a celebration of their achievements as well as to note the significance of the three years that were spent immersed in the art college community. These artists live and work in Chester, Bath and Devon as well as in London, and all continue to develop the creativity that was uniquely formed in Corsham.