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  #annabissetshopwindow @ BHCA

On 14th November, I will be showing some of my cards, prints and paintings as part of the Winter Craft Fair at Bedford House.

Some of my work has been seen in my #annabissetshopwindow posts on Instagram as well as in the summer show, Corsham Studio Artists.

I will be working alongside Lorraine Ward, artist, who will showing you how to draw with coloured pencils – have a go at making gift cards!

The House will be open for a fun day of music, art and nosh with many opportunities for you to buy your seasonal gifts locally.

You will also be able to see the Vivian Bewick exhibition which on at BHCA till February 2022.

Lots to do, and it’s on from 11.15 to 5.15pm. Enjoy!

ART-TRAIL-LOGO_2021Corsham Studio Artists.

All of the artists in this show met at Bath Academy of Art, when it was situated in Corsham, Wiltshire and before the college merged with Bath College of Higher Education, which later became Bath Spa University. Since college, we have all continued to work in the arts or continued to produce work regularly and we have kept in touch as friends. In 2012, we got together to have a show of work at the Tokarska Gallery in Walthamstow, E17. Stephen Clarke wrote an essay about the work and in it he explained how significant it was for us as a group to remain in touch – he talked about how, at art college, artists are taught by artists and how this lineage links us to the history of art. “It is a vertical chronology stretching back in time”.

Alongside our tutors at art college, we also have our fellow students. Clarke explains how we learn from them, from their work and their example too: “It is easy to label this as mere influence but in both cases, tutor to student and student to student, it is more a matter of dialogue. This dialogue does not end with college, it can last many years as can be seen with this group…”

He goes on to note that although the work is diverse, all the work is developed in the studio from practical making, rather than from intellectual endeavour, although there is some of this too. We continue to work and exhibit in London and elsewhere, pursuing our ideas individually and together. We hope you enjoy the show.

Stephen Clarke is a lecturer in Art and Design: Critical and Contextual Studies at the University of Chester. His essay “Corsham Reformed” can be read in full on this link:

More artwork from the group can be see on Instagram: @corshamstudio @annabisset9901


Corsham Studio Artists.

Along with a group of artists who all went to Bath Academy of Art, Corsham,

I will be taking part in the E17 Art Trail this year.

Anna Bisset painting
Starting Sunday 4th July, Paul Tucker and myself will be opening our studio to the public, showing work from our group of artists that all went to college together.“Eight artists who studied at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham show their work at Anna Bisset and Paul Tucker’s working studio: Painting, drawing, print-making, photography, sculpture, stone-carving, ceramics and glass”.

Here is the link to the Art Trail website where you will see the 2021 Trail Map and info about other events taking place:

Please go to to follow us on Instagram. This painting is one of 6 watercolours entitled “Rule of Six”, relating to the restrictions we have under-gone during this pandemic.

I also produced a 4-colour screen print which will be on sale at the show in an edition of 45.

DSC_0030DSC_0039Rule of Six is one of a series of 6 watercolours I have done in response to lockdown and the pandemic: one of the restrictions we were obliged to follow.

I painted the figures freely, allowing the medium to spread and flow to the extent that I was almost losing control of the image. Some of the blending and merging of colour lead to a disintegration or distortion of the image which I felt at the time represented the confusion and disorientation of life during Covid. It made me think about how fragile life is and how easily it can be damaged and destroyed like some of the faces and forms in this painting. The watercolours were followed by a silk-screen print which produced the image in an edition of 45, which can be seen at venue 145. This method subjects the image to a series of technical processes and although it is still recognisable, the new flat shapes hint at a possible future which may be very different from our own.


More news here soon! June 2021

February 2021.

Continuing online through February – just heard that this small watercolour was sold at an auction at Frederick Bremer School, supporting vulnerable families during the pandemic. around £1000 was raised by about 30 artists taking part – it’s great news and I’m glad my painting has been put to good use. It is a watercolour made around the Year 2000 for an exhibition in Aldeburgh with Paul Tucker photographer and Plenderleith Silversmiths. The work was part of a series called “Aldeburgh Journies”.  It is 34 x 34cm framed.


January 2021.

We carry on regardless – Classes continue online, Exhibitions still happen, but online, paintings still being produced in the studio.

BlueCollar5Here is my latest painting on canvas – “Blue Collar” – a painting that started as a study of the forest influenced by the Japanese idea of the “Forest Bathe”, where you might experience your walk in the Forest with the full range of senses, sight, sound, smell, even touch (if you like leaf litter) or taste (maybe not this time of year). I was looking also at the paintings of the Impressionists with my classes at the time, especially Monet’s paintings of London. But his Water-lilies where the paintings were so big you were almost immersed in the paintings when standing in front of them. Mine is a small dip in comparison, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. You can see the progression of the painting from start to finish below. I finally found the title by adding my dog to the picture, whose collar is blue. Thank you for visiting the site.

1. Sketching out.


2. Adding Tone.


3. Colour and Shape.


4. Depth and Detail.


5. Conclusion: Blue Collar.


Studio Picture by Paul Tucker, December 2020.

Anna Bisset in her studio

I have been very lucky to have my picture taken by Paul Tucker, E17 photographer – not having had a proper portrait done before, I was a bit nervous and I’m not sure if I have chosen the best one – as per Paul’s usual meticulous method, there were many images to choose from – I think I will have a look for one that’s a bit more relaxed, but it’s great to have a picture of the studio on my website  – I was working on my watercolour holly sketches for class this term. The “Forest Bathe” painting in the background is currently in progress, nearly finished and the monoprint on the easel, “Sea-change 16”, which appears on my Shop Window page, was also No.21 in the Beulah Road Studios series of artists for Advent. Merry Christmas!



Anna’s painting “Waves-15”, a watercolour, is part of Frederick Bremer School’s online auction. To make a bid, go to:

Title of work: “Waves-15”

Medium: Watercolour

Size: Image size 15 x 15cm, Frame size 34 x 34cm.

Price when sold: £115.

“Waves-15” is one of a series of images I made in and around Aldeburgh one year in response to the landscape and to Benjamin Britten’s opera “Peter Grimes”.  It is a watercolour made in series with a number of others in a spontaneous way, using the naturally flowing and blending nature of the medium. This led to a series of landscape images over a number of years which formed a key part of my process as an artist early on in my career. I currently teach adults in the East London area alongside pursuing my own creative work. Issues explored in this community of artists include a sense of place, a shared goal, and a personal enquiry.

Anna Bisset paintingAnna Bisset painting

June 2020. Lockdown Art.

Anna’s latest oil painting, “Disruption of the Everyday – Hesdin” was made during Lockdown in June and July this year (left).

It accompanies another earlier piece, “Disruption of the Everyday – Le Crotoy”, made in June/July 2019.

Both pieces were combinations of two pieces of work – one painted from drawings and photos taken while in France one summer and another painted over the top of the first one, from life in the back garden.

An idyllic scene from abroad combines with a familiar one at home to create a disconcerting new reality, disjointed and uncomfortable, like the one in which we find ourselves with COVID-19.

Works in progress from the latest piece, “Hesdin”, can be seen on Anna’s Instagram post.

March 2020 My last event before Lockdown was to take part in this exciting exhibition of artists from around the world –

– at Chelsea Town Hall – with old friend and fellow-student from University of East London, Rocio Bucheli.

Judith Cuba’s eclectic show of work from around the world including paintings by  Rocio Bucheli and Martin Hewer,

as well as my new set of etchings, “Lights in Lloyd Park” from Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture

celebrations, 2019. This is the fourth outing for the four prints. They featured alongside work from all artists concerned

in Judith’s beautiful catalogue:

For full details about the prints and cards, “Lights in Lloyd Park”,  plus images

of the full set, please go to:

See below for Anna’s prints and paintings by Rocio Bucheli and Martin Brewer.

No.2 “Conic Solid”

Third outing for Anna’s new set of etchings with the E17 Designers Winter Market this week:

“Lights in Lloyd Park” by Anna Bisset BA Hons, MA Art in Architecture.

A set of 4 etchings responding to the laser show at the William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, part of the opening ceremony of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019.

The opening event for Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture at The William Morris Gallery in January 2019 was a laser show designed and produced by Marshmallow Laser Feast. This exciting show projected into the night sky inspired Anna to create and produce a series of prints showing something of the show and responding to the feeling of being there on that dark January evening.

She produced five images under the title “Lights in Lloyd Park” which were originally pen and ink drawings with watercolour washes and these were worked up into a series of four etchings.

1.       “Axis”

2.       “Conic Solid”

3.       “Focal Point”

4.       “Elliptical Orbit”

The 9.5 x 12cm plates were etched and an edition of 16 prints for each image was made at Inky Cuttlefish Studios in Walthamstow. The titles refer to the science and maths involved in the creation of the laser project and to the “out-of-this world” quality of the imagery produced by the designers.

Etching is a method of printing whereby a metal plate has an image drawn on the wax-covered surface. This is dipped in acid and the resulting intaglio image is filled with ink; the excess ink is wiped away, then the plate is put through the rollers with paper in place. Each plate can be etched numerous times to reach a finished image and prints are taken each time the plate is etched (artist’s proofs). The final version is used for the complete edition, in this case an edition of 16 from each plate. Artist’s proofs which are not part of the finished edition may be sold separately as evidence of the working process.

The print-making process gives the artist another way of developing imagery using repetition and in this way you have a record of the changes in the work over a number of prints. The final print is affected by all stages of the process, including the drawing, etching, proofing, inking, wiping and the final print, so the artist’s eye is called upon throughout.


Prints:                   Unframed £45;                  Mounted: £55;                  Framed £110

Cards:                   £3 each;                               £5 for 2;                               £8 for 4

Please my Instagram account for more images.

September 2019 –

  – Art Trail Wanstead and The Manor House Exhibition and

  – 40 years of Pictorem Gallery in Walthamstow.

Please see my instagram account for more details.

June 2019 – Corsham and Wanstead Studio Artists – part of  E17 Art Trail 2019.

An exhibition of art-work from ex-students of Bath Academy of Art, Corsham and members of Art Group Wanstead in Anna Bisset’s tranquil garden studio. Painting, sculpture, photography, print-making. See E17 Art Trail Listings for further details.


Anna Bisset, Richard Crooks, Emma Davies, Mark Mainwood,

Annarita Mazzilli,Chris Thomas, Paul Tucker

March 2019 – “We Grow into the Forest”

An exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion, East London, curated by Judit Prieto Rovira on the theme of man’s relationship with the natural world.

My pieces were pen and ink drawings, shown below: the first, “The Maker’s Yard – Fire-pit”, was drawn in the yard  outside a group of art workshops in East London where the outside space was as important to the occupants as the inside: the workshop buildings were surrounded by trees and shrubs that seemed integral to the semi-permanent structures. The yard in the middle was used for making and for exhibitions and there was a feeling of being part of the natural world.

In “Churchyard”, the man-made forms, the gravestones, are almost consumed by the earth and natural forms around them. Even something as robust as a gravestone gives in eventually to the forces of nature.