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Please find below items from my website that are priced and ready for purchase. If you would like to enquire about these or any other work on the website, please contact me via the website contact page.

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Delivery: on arrangement…


One of my first ever samples in watercolour for classes way back in 1996, “Scottish Isles in Pink”, painted in watercolour with “wet-in-wet” and “glazes”. This piece of work is approximately 21 x 15 cm in size, price £125. Please email for details on delivery:


Celebrating 25 years of teaching in adult education, “The Golfer” painted with the “wet-in-wet” technique. This piece of work is 20 x 25cm in size, Price £125. Email for details on delivery:


Monoprint: “Sea Change – 16”, featured at Beulah Road Studios, Walthamstow this Christmas, is one of a series of prints made in and around Aldeburgh in response to the landscape and to Benjamin Britten’s opera “Peter Grimes”. It is a monoprint made in four layers of colour, by rolling ink onto a glass plate and scraping away the image, a process that took several days. This lead to a series of landscape images over a number of years which formed a key part of my process as an artist early on in my career. I currently teach adults in the East London area alongside pursuing my own creative work.

The image size is 16 x 20cm and it is framed with a white mount and frame, size 42 x 44cm. You can see the framed print in the studio photo featured on the Anna’s Art Life page. You can see more from the series of prints in the painting and prints section.

Price £240 plus carriage.

For further enquiries, please go through the contacts page here on the website. Thank you.

Heather & Heathabwc09

“Heather and Heath” oil on canvas 56 x 56cm £400 + carriage with white tray frame.

“Heath Mist” watercolour 28 x 28cm £100 + carriage with pale wood frame.

Both inspired by the heathlands of the Suffolk coast.



“The Clumps, Near Abingdon, Oxfordshire”

and 3 views from the surrounding area:

“The Farmhouse”, “The Avenue” and “Cornfield”.

Acrylic on Paper. Size: 50 x 40 in their mounts.

£150 each. Frames are available if required.


“Axel F: 1, 2 & 3” – three square pieces.

Oil on canvas.

33 x 33cm incl frame. £200 each.

Please contact me via the website contact page

for further details.


“Walking the Dog in the Snow”

A premonition,perhaps, produced before Poppy.

Etching, limited edition of 12, 8 x 10cm (image size),

On Saunders (18 x 25cm).


“Shell Song”

– still life with a shell on a piano, oil on canvas, unframed.

Size: 25 x 30cm £200.


“Lessendrum 1 & 2” – a pair of watercolours painted on location near Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

Size: 28 x 37 cm.

Watercolour on Bockingford.

Price: £120 each, £200 the pair, unframed.

Contact me via the website contact page for further details.


“Bluebells – Heaven in a Wild Flower”, title from Songs of Innocence, William Blake.

Watercolour on Bockingford.

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: £150





Aldeburgh Fields: “Hot Yellow 15” –

Aldeburgh Fields: “Blue Green 15”

Aldeburgh Fields: “Green Gold 6”

Aldeburgh Fields: “Pale Cream 12”

“Aldeburgh Fields – So much yellow corn, so many fine days”

– a set of 4 monoprints in the “Aldeburgh Journeys” series, limited edition of 16.

Evoking memories of summer holidays in the county of Suffolk:

Title quote from “Archie and Tina” by Stevie Smith.

Image size: 16 x 21 cm

Oil-based in on Saunders paper.

Price: £75 each, Set of 4: £260.

For further info, see website under Prints, in the Paintings and Prints page.



“Lights in Lloyd Park”, originally pen and ink drawings with watercolour washes by

Anna Bisset BA Hons, MA Art in Architecture. A set of 4 etchings responding to the

laser show by Marshmallowlaserfeast at the William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park,

part of the opening event for Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019.

1. “Axis”

2. “Conic Solid”

3. “Focal Point”

4. “Elliptical Orbit”

The 9.5 x 12cm plates were etched and an edition of 16 prints for each image

was made at Inky Cuttlefish Studios in Walthamstow. Prints £60 each.